Mystery Shopping or how to really listen to your customers and improve the Customer Experience within your business.

Mystery Shopping or how to really listen to your customers and improve the Customer Experience within your business.

  • Tuesday 05 March 2019

“90% of customers who are unhappy will not say anything directly to the service but default immediately to competition.” (Job Monkey)

Whether you work in the hospitality industry, retail or any service-related industry, you are aware that the Customer Experience you provide to your customers is determining as to whether your customers will spread the word or just come back or not. And you are better to try to retain your customers and let them spread the word about the experience they had instead of trying to gain new customers yourself. 

“Attracting a new customer is in 6-7 times more expensive than to keep an existing one." (The White House Office of Consumer Affairs)

Mystery Shopping is simply one approach out of many to better understand the customer experience offered in your business.

I don’t think I need to go into too many details as to what is Mystery Shopping, but anyone would argue that hiring a professional to gather data on specific aspects of your business can cost thousands if you want to have a deep understanding of the Customer Experience you are providing so it can only be conducted now and then when the budget allows for it.

What if you could run Mystery Shopper Surveys yourself? And do it as many times as you like each year!

Before giving you the solution, it might be best to have a refresh on why it is so important to regularly run Mystery Shopper Surveys:

  • See your business the way your customers are seeing it. Mystery Shopping with our solution will allow you to give your nominated Mystery Shopper, who could be one of your customers, ownership of the survey and complete it as they are going through the journey,
  • Get more information about your customers’ satisfaction levels,
  • Test your quality standards in an objective way and find out whether these standards are understood and applied by your staff or not. “Mystery shopping can be considered the most effective way to ensure brand standards” (Streetspotr),
  • Keep your staff watchful. When you decide to implement a Mystery Shopping program, you should be telling your team. First, it will build trust between you and your team and then you will have employees who are vigilant at all times and who will care more about what they are doing,
  • Highlight training gaps. When conducting a Mystery Shopper Survey, you will discover that some of your employees, even if they are trying hard to do things right, can lack training in a number of areas. The results of the survey will help you to determine and implement training to increase staff engagement and productivity,
  • Achieve great rather than good Customer Experience. When conducting Mystery Shopper surveys, you can focus on the overall experience or on details which could transform the latter into a Great experience rather than just a good one. That’s how you give a competitive edge over your rivals.


Dobiquity has worked on creating a tool called the Mystery Shopper App which allows users to create their own surveys based on a database of pre-defined questions and statements.

This Mystery Shopper App allows you to monitor the quality of your customer experience using professional evaluation criteria, but without the need to engage an expert shopper; you make big savings, but still get a high-quality assessment. This app also allows you to have numerous shoppers complete the same survey, therefore providing you with multiple feedback on the experience. 

With this tool your friends, colleagues, peers or even customers can become your mystery shopper. You can easily create a focused service journey assessment and your nominated mystery shopper then completes the survey for you on a mobile device following best practice quality criteria, just like a professional shopper.

And the best thing about this tool is that now you can run mystery shopper assessments more regularly which will allow you to spot trends and identify recurring areas for improvement. You can then track the impact of any corrective actions you take. 

So, do you want to move from a good to a great customer experience?

If yes, give it a try and see for yourself here. (Just click on here!)

If you prefer to discuss further how this tool will help you to measure, manage and improve your Customer Experience, just request an online demo and we’ll be in touch!



Don't just take our word for it - here's what our users are saying

" TRIGON Hotels offers a best in class guest experience by always trying to exceed guest, team member and all stakeholder expectations 100% of the time. Using Dobiquity tools like the Mystery Shopper, Customer and Employee Survey Apps have really helped us to deliver on this commitment through the feedback and analysis they provide for us. "

" A key success factor at the Talbot Collection is that all our hotels offer a superior guest experience and to deliver that we need to stay very close to our customers. The Dobiquity Customer Feedback App is a simple, cost-effective tool that has enabled us to more easily gather and analyse customer feedback and has made a real difference to the business. "

" At Fire Restaurant we truly believe in putting our customers first, so listening to their feedback is critical for us. The Dobiquity Customer Feedback App is a really easy to use tool and the great reporting features provide us with the right level of data we need to continuously improve. "

" Here at The Fota Collection, we use Dobiquity as a valued operations improvement platform. The time and energy we have invested in the tools has already reaped rewards for our managers and customers. "

" PREM Group is delighted to be working with Dobiquity. The Dobiquity suite of apps are easy to use and the information produced is a powerful measurement tool for our performance as a customer-focused business and an employee-focused company. We look forward to putting the additional apps to use as they come on line and view the Dobiquity product as great value for money for our businesses. "

" Great ideas and practical smart solutions for busy managers. "

Aaron Mansworth - Group GM -Trigon Hotels

Aaron Mansworth

Group GM -Trigon Hotels

Sarah Caufield - Group Sales and Marketing – Talbot Collection

Sarah Caufield

Group Sales and Marketing – Talbot Collection

Sabrina Egerton - Marketing Manager - Fire Restaurant

Sabrina Egerton

Marketing Manager - Fire Restaurant

Charlie Dineen - Director of Human Resources - Fota Collection

Charlie Dineen

Director of Human Resources - Fota Collection

Sarah Marr - Group Human Resource Manager at PREM Group

Sarah Marr

Group Human Resource Manager at PREM Group

Betty Nerney - Proprietor - Tailored Solutions Training and Development

Betty Nerney

Proprietor - Tailored Solutions Training and Development

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